Waterproof Signs and Banners

Attract your customer’s attention at the Point-of-Sales and increase your sales with our large range of weatherproof signs and banners.

Print your signs and banners on demand. Create your own design and meet your customer’s demand. Print attractive plant photos, informative text and care information, barcode, and price, so it is easy for your customers to buy and use your plants. Test different messages and attractive offers. Introduce new varieties. No minimum quantity.

Place your signs, so they are visible. Guide your customers around in your garden center. Our signs and banners can be placed anywhere you want: in holders, hanging from the ceilings or on the walls or stuck to floors or windows.

The printed signs and banners are resistant to scratches, sun, rain, frost, and different weather. The floor banners are even anti-slip.
Combined with our label software and OKI LED printers you get a complete solution to help selling your plants. A solution that is easy and efficient to use every day.

Your benefits:

  1. Water- and windproof signs in- and outside attract customers
  2. Waterproof banners on floors and walls and in holders and hangers will increase your sales
  3. Anti-slip floor banners create attention
  4. Removable window banners

Our large range of weatherproof signs and banners are all made of our unique materials that secure you a high-quality print, great quality, durability, and efficient handling. The materials meet the latest demands from the OKI LED colour printers, so they run smoothly and give you a sharp print. The printed signs and banners er durable in all kinds of weather.

The Floralabels L1 signs give you the best print quality, the easiest handling and minimum waste. The Floralabels L2 signs are stiffer, which is preferable for certain types of sign holders, with a nice print. Our waterproof banners are available in three types: for banner holders without adhesive, for floors with a strong adhesive and an anti-slip front and for windows and tables with a removable adhesive.

Please contact us to discuss which solution is best for you.

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