Thermal Transfer Labels

Durable and economical in black and white

Thermal Transfer labels are the most durable and economical way to mark your plants with name, barcode, and plant passports. They are available both as loop labels, pot labels and self adhesive labels. The print is only in black and white without other colours, so pictures are not recommended. The combination of the Brandsoft Label or Nice Label software and the Thermal Transfer printers gives you a full solution for marking of your plants that is easy and effective to use daily.

Your benefits:

  1. Durable labels and print over several years outdoor
  2. Lowest running costs
  3. High print quality from reliable transfer printers
  4. Ideal for plant passports, name, price, and barcode

Total solution with thermal transfer labels, foil and printers for the green industry

We offer a large range of transfer printers from CAB and Novexx that cover all your needs for printing of thermal transfer labels for in- and outdoor use - all with user friendly ”Touch Screens".

You can also choose to let us print your labels including consecutive numbering.

We offer a large range of self adhesive, loop and pot labels as well as transfer foil for outdoor durability.

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