Printers and Software

Proven printers and software to the horticultural industry.

Our media are tested on the recommended printers for print quality, runnability and outdoor durability.

For colour print in sheets we recommend OKI C650, C834 and Pro9431 that are optimized and approved by OKI for our products. You even get 3 years on-site warranty if you sign up within 30 days from delivery. The OKI prices have fallen and the performance increased over the past years. Thanks to OKI’s LED technology, Floralabels quality and Brandsoft Labels simple design you can print up to 500 labels per minute in attractive colours. The printers can also be used for normal print duties.

For colour print in roll we recommend DTM's CX86e: the world’s smallest colour printer in roll for the horticultural industry.

For print in black and white we recommend CAB-EOS2 for loop and adhesive labels – and Novexx for pot labels.

For software we recommend our local partners solution along with Brandsoft Label and NiceLabel.

Combined with our label software and OKI LED printers you get a full solution to help selling your plants. A solution that is easy and efficient to use every day.

Your benefits:

  1. Optimized and proven printers and software
  2. Tested and approved for horticultural use
  3. A safe solution for daily use
  4. 3 years on-site warranty on the OKI printers if you sign-up within 30 days
  5. Very reliable printers

Brandsoft Label is easy and efficient to use thanks to its visual and self explaining structure.

You have a choice of three options:
1. Easy Start that meets all basic demands for colour printing of labels and signs.
2. Professional that gives you 100% flexibility.
3. Server module: With the Professional version you can buy a server module that makes it possible to send orders from your own systems automatically to print without having to type the information a second time.

EG Brandsoft offers also a free 30 day demo version.

Please contact

Palle Jespersen

You are always welcome to contact us for further information. Palle is one of our Floralabels experts.