Loop Labels

Get the best print, the easiest handling, and the smallest waste with Floralabels loop labels.

Loop labels are an effective way to mark your plants. They are easy to apply. They don’t need sticks nor rubber bands that add cost and are laborious to use. And there is often space for your own design and customer demands. Print attractive plant photos, informative texts and care information, barcode, and price to make it easy for your customers to buy your plants. Test different messages and introduce new varieties. No minimum quantity. Our new hang ties have even got space for large attractive pictures and are still easy to apply on the plants.

Print the loop labels on demand in exactly the number you need. The printed labels resist scratches, sun, rain, and frost. Combined with our label software and OKI LED printers you get a full solution to help selling your plants that is easy and efficient to use every day.

Your benefits:

  1. Easy to handle
  2. Minimum waste
  3. Great print quality
  4. Weatherproof

Our large selection of loop labels ensures you a nice print, good quality, durability and efficient handling.

The Floralabels L1 quality gives you the best print, the easiest handling, and the lowest waste. The sheets of labels can be separated in big bundles or individually without any waste. The flexible material makes it much easier to apply the labels on the plants. The material is biodegradable in landfill environment.

The Floralabels L2 quality gives you good value for your money with a good print quality for a lower cost with the thinner labels. Floralabels LL stands for Long Life as the LL labels can be used outside for several years. The print will fade over time, especially yellow and red, but black remains visible.

Please find a big part of the loop labels on stock on the picture opposite. From left ref 3022, 3018, 30733, 3001Y, 3001, 3053, 3027, 3054, 3002, 3058, 3096 and 3066.

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